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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
8-Mar-2009Comparing Multicarrier Ambiguity Resolution Methods for Geometry-Based GPS and Galileo Relative Positioning and Their Application to Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Attitude DeterminationO'Keefe, Kyle; Petovello, Mark; Cao, Wei; Lachapelle, Gérard; Guyader, Eric
2008Design of Short Synchronization Codes for Use in Future GNSS SystemShanmugam, Surendran K.; Mongrédien, Cécile; Nielsen, John; Lachapelle, Gérard
18-Sep-2010Combined Acquisition and Tracking Methods for GPS L1 C/A and L1C SignalsMacchi-Gernot, Florence; Petovello, Mark; Lachapelle, Gérard
13-Feb-2011Simplifying the Performance Analysis of the SPRT for GPS AcquisitionO'Mahony, Niamh; Lachapelle, Gérard; Murphy, Colin C.
26-Oct-2010Complete Triaxis Magnetometer Calibration in the Magnetic DomainRenaudin, Valérie; Afzal, Muhammad Haris; Lachapelle, Gérard
27-Jul-2009Performance of Narrowband Signal Detection under Correlated Rayleigh Fading Based on Synthetic ArrayBroumandan, Ali; Nielsen, John; Lachapelle, Gérard
19-Oct-2011Diversity Gain through Antenna BlockingDehghanian, Vahid; Nielsen, John; Lachapelle, Gérard
7-Feb-2012Spatial Characterization of GNSS Multipath ChannelsKeshvadi, Hatef; Broumandan, Ali; Lachapelle, Gérard
10-Jan-2012Detection Performance of Polarization and Spatial Diversities for Indoor GNSS ApplicationsZaheri, Mohammadreza; Broumandan, Ali; Dehghanian, Vahid; Lachapelle, Gérard
12-Nov-2011Sub-carrier shaping for BOC modulated GNSS signalsAnantharamu, Pratibha B.; Borio, Daniele; Lachapelle, Gérard