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    • Deconstructing the Touch Experience 

      Watson, D.; Hancock, M.; Mandryk, R.L.; Birk, M. (ACM,, 2013)
      In this paper, we evaluate the performance and experience differences between direct touch and mouse input on horizontal and vertical surfaces using a simple application and several validated scales. We find that, not only ...
    • Exploring physical information cloth on a multitouch table 

      Mikulecky, K.; Hancock, M.; Bosz, J.; Carpendale, S. (ACM,, 2011)
      We expand multitouch tabletop information exploration by placing 2D information on a physically-based cloth in a shallow 3D viewing environment. Instead of offering 2D information on a rigid window or screen, we place our ...
    • Improving the Social Gaming Experience by Comparing Physical and Digital Tabletop Board Games 

      Chang, Y.-L.B.; Hancock, M.; Scott, S.D.; Pape, J.; Graham, T.C.N. (2012)
    • Integrating 2D mouse emulation with 3D manipulation for visualizations on a multi-touch table. 

      Vlaming, L.; Collins, C.; Hancock, M.; Nacenta, M.; Isenberg, T.; Carpendale, S. (ACM,, 2010)
      We present the Rizzo, a multi-touch virtual mouse that has been designed to provide the fine grained interaction for information visualization on a multi-touch table. Our solution enables touch interaction for existing ...
    • Overcoming Interaction Barriers in Large Public Displays Using Personal Devices 

      Cheung, V.; Watson, D.; Vermeulen, J.; Hancock, M.; Scott, S.D. (ACM,, 2014)
      This work presents a design space in which personal devices are used as a means to facilitate "socially safe", ad-hoc interaction with large public displays. Unlike most existing work that focuses on facilitating content ...
    • Supporting Situation Awareness in Collaborative Tabletop Systems with Automation 

      Chang, Y.-L.B.; Scott, S.D.; Hancock, M. (ACM,, 2014)
      Human operators collaborating to complete complex tasks, such as a team of emergency response operators, need to maintain a high level of situation awareness to appropriate-ly and quickly respond to critical changes. Even ...