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Institutional repositories (IRs) are a new approach to collecting and making accessible a rapidly growing body of digital resources. They offer an innovative solution to many of the challenges encountered in the rapidly evolving world of scholarly resources for libraries and their constituents, such as how to manage and preserve the growing array of digital content created at our institutions. IRs also form part of a larger global system of repositories, which are indexed in a standardized way, and searchable using a single interface, providing the foundation for a new model of scholarly publishing.

In 2002, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) began a project to implement institutional repositories at several Canadian research libraries—ensuring that Canadian institutions remain at the leading edge of innovation in scholarly publishing. The CARL project aims to facilitate the sharing of best practices and lesson’s learned for building and implementing IRs at Canadian libraries.

The University of Calgary has offered to host the digital material for the Canadian institutional repository community. The type of content collected in this IR community are policy documents, articles, presentations, and promotional material—in fact, anything related to institutional repositories in Canada. This community is open to all those working with institutional repositories in Canada and implementers are encouraged to share their documents with other members of the community by depositing them here.

For more information about the CARL Institutional Repositories Project, please visit the CARL website ( or contact Kathleen Shearer, the coordinator of the project, at


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