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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2003Generation and characterization of cell lines expressing EBS keratin mutations: scratch assays show faster migration with more disruptive mutationsMorley, S. M.; D'Alessandro, M.; Sexton, C.; Rugg, E. L.; Navsaria, H.; Shemanko, Carrie S.; Hohl, D.; Heagerty, A. I.; Leigh, I. M.; Lane, E. B.
2000Laryngeal involvement in the Dowling-Meara variant of epidermolysis bullosa simplex with keratin mutations of severely disruptive potentialShemanko, Carrie S.; Horn, H. M.; Keohane, S. G.; Hepburn, N.; Kerr, A. I.; Atherton, D. J.; Tidman, M. J.; Lane, E. B.
2000DNA based prenatal testing for the skin blistering disorder epidermolysis bullosa simplexRugg, E. L.; Baty, D.; Shemanko, Carrie S.; Magee, G.; Polak, S.; Bergman, R.; Kadar, T.; Boxer, M.; Falik-Zaccai, T.; Borochowitz, Z.; Lane, E. B.
2001Transcription factors, cofactors and target genes mediating prolactin signalsShemanko, Carrie S.; Groner, Bernd
2007Epidermolysis bullosa simplex in Scotland is caused by a spectrum of keratin mutationsRugg, E. L.; Horn, H. M.; Smith, F. J.; Wilson, N. J.; Magee, G.; Shemanko, Carrie S.; Tidman, M. J.; Lane, E. B.
2003Comparative proteomic analysis of proliferating and functionally differentiated mammary epithelial cellsDesrivieres, S.; Prinz, T.; Palomino-Laria, N. C.; Meyer, M.; Boehm, G.; Schafer, J.; Neumann, T.; Groner, B.; Shemanko, Carrie S.
13-Nov-2008Heat shock protein-90-alpha, a prolactin-STAT5 target gene identified in breast cancer cells, is involved in apoptosis regulationPerotti, Christian; Liu, Ruixuan; Parusel, Christine T.; Böcher, Nadine; Schultz, Jörg; Bork, Peer; Pfitzner, Edith; Groner, Bernd; Shemanko, Carrie S.
2005A new centrosaurine ceratopsid from the Oldman Formation of Alberta and its implications for centrosaurine taxonomy and systematicsRyan, Michael J.; Russell, Anthony P.
10-Nov-2008Displacement affinity chromatography of protein phosphatase one (PP1) complexesMoorhead, Greg B. G.; Trinkle-Mulcahy, Laura; Nimick, Mhairi; De Wever, Veerle; Campbell, David G.; Gourlay, Robert; Lam, Yun Wah; Lamond, Angus I.
2005Locomotor morphometry of the Pachydactylus radiation of lizards (Gekkota: Gekkonidae): a phylogenetically and ecologically informed analysisJohnson, Megan K.; Russell, Anthony P.; Bauer, Aaron M.