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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
20-Apr-2010The role of tibialis posterior fatigue on foot kinematics during walkingPohl, Michael B.; Rabbito, Melissa; Ferber, Reed
14-Jul-2010A comparison of foot arch measurement reliability using both digital photography and calliper methodsPohl, Michael B.; Farr, Lindsay
28-Mar-2011Mitochondrial Structure and Function Are Disrupted by Standard Isolation MethodsPicard, Martin; Taivassalo, Tanja; Ritchie, Darmyn; Wright, Kathryn J.; Thomas, Melissa M.; Romestaing, Caroline; Hepple, Russell T.
4-Feb-2011Changes in joint coupling and variability during walking following tibialis posterior muscle fatigueFerber, Reed; Pohl, Michael B.
29-Sep-2010Consumption of diets high in prebiotic fiber or protein during growth influences the response to a high fat and sucrose diet in adulthood in ratsMaurer, Alannah D.; Eller, Lindsay K.; Hallam, Megan C.; Taylor, Kim; De Bruyn (Reimer), Raylene A.
9-Feb-2010Minimizing the source of nociception and its concurrent effect on sensory hypersensitivity: An exploratory study in chronic whiplash patientsSchneider, Geoff M .; Smith, Ashley D.; Hooper, Allen; Stratford, Paul; Schneider, Kathryn J.; Westaway, Michael D.; Frizzell, Bevan; Olson, Lee
27-Feb-2012Effect of Relative Marker Movement on the Calculation of the Foot Torsion Axis Using a Combined Cardan Angle and Helical Axis ApproachGraf, Eveline; Wright, Ian; Stefanyshyn, Darren
2-Oct-2012Exercise and nutrition for head and neck cancer patients: a patient oriented, clinic-supported randomized controlled trialCapozzi, Lauren C; Lau, Harold; Reimer, Raylene A; McNeely, Margaret; Giese-Davis, Janine; Culos-Reed, S Nicole
18-Jun-2012Leptin Deficiency and Its Effects on Tibial and Vertebral Bone Mechanical Properties in Mature Genetically Lean and Obese JCR:LA-Corpulent RatsDe Bruyn (Reimer), Raylene A.; LaMothe, Jeremy M.; Zernicke, Ronald F.
1-Dec-2013Friendship networks and physical activity and sedentary behavior among youth: a systematized reviewSawka, Keri Jo; McCormack, Gavin R.; Nettel-Aguirre, Alberto; Hawe, Penelope; Doyle-Baker, Patricia K.