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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2016High-Fat High-Sucrose Diet Leads to Dynamic Structural and Inflammatory Alterations in the Rat Vastus Lateralis MuscleHerzog, Walter; Collins, Kelsey; Hart, David A.; Reimer, Raylene A.; Seerattan, Ruth A.; Banker, Christine W.; Sibole, Scott C.
Jun-2016Age-related Maintenance of Eccentric Strength: A Study of Temperature DependenceHerzog, Walter; Power, Geoffrey Alonzo; Dalton, Brian; Flaaten, Nordan
2016Lower Limb Asymmetry in Mechanical Muscle Function: A Comparison Between Ski Racers With and Without ACL ReconstructionHerzog, Walter; Jordan, Matthew; Aagaard, Per
2015The stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) revisited: residual force enhancement contributes to increased performance during fast SSCs of human m. adductor pollicisHerzog, Walter; Seiberl, Wolfgang; Power, Geoffrey A.; Hahn, Daniel
10-Jun-2015A new paradigm for muscle contractionHerzog, Walter; Powers, Krysta; Johnston, Kaleena; Duvall, Mike
Jun-2016Computing Average Passive Forces in Sarcomeres in Length-Ramp SimulationsHerzog, Walter; Schnappacher-Tilp, Gudrun; Leonard, Timothy; Desch, Gertrud
2016Vastus Lateralis Maximum Force-Generating Potential Occurs at Optimal Fascicle Length Regardless of Activation LevelHerzog, Walter; de Brito Fontana, Heiliane
May-2014The effect of compressive loading magnitude on in situ chondrocyte calcium signalingHerzog, Walter; Madden, Ryan M.J.; Han, Sang-Kuy
2016Rapid Hamstring/Quadriceps Strength in ACL Reconstructed Elite Alpine Ski RacersHerzog, Walter; Jordan, Matthew; Aagaard, Per
May-2016In vivo Sarcomere Lengths and Sarcomere Elongations Are Not Uniform across an Intact MuscleHerzog, Walter; Moo, Eng Kuan; Fortuna, Rafael; Sibole, Scott C.; Abusara, Ziad