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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2012Tetraaquabis(thiourea-κS)cadmium(II) triaquatris(thiourea-κS)cadmium(II) disulfateParvez, Masood; Jalilehvand, Farideh; Amini, Zahra
16-Aug-2011On the Involvement of Copper Binding to the N-Terminus of the Amyloid Beta Peptide of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Computational Study on Model SystemsAzimi, Samira; Rauk, Arvi
13-Jun-2014A gas chromatograph for quantification of peroxycarboxylic nitric anhydrides calibrated by thermal dissociation cavity ring-down spectroscopyTokarek, T. W.; Huo, J. A.; Odame-Ankrah, C. A.; Hammoud, D.; Taha, Y. M.; Osthoff, Hans D.
7-Aug-2013Conjugated main-group polymers for optoelectronicsHe, Xiaoming; Baumgartner, Thomas
19-Feb-2013Metal Species in Biology: Bottom-Up and Top-Down LC Approaches in Applied Toxicological ResearchGailer, Jurgen
24-Sep-2015Photo Lewis Acid Generators: Photorelease of B(C6F5)3 and Applications to Catalysis.Piers, Warren E.; Khalimon, Andrey Y.; Marwitz, Adam A. J.; Shaw, Bryan K.; Parvez, Masood; Blackwell, James M.
27-Nov-2015Activation of Si-H bonds across the nickel carbene bond in electron rich nickel PCcarbeneP pincer complexesPiers, Warren E.; LaPierre, Etienne A.; Spasyuk, Denis M.; Bi, David W.
6-Nov-2015Efficient Synthetic Methods for the Installation of Boron-Nitrogen Bonds in Conjugated Organic MoleculesPiers, Warren E.; Morgan, Matthew M.
28-Jul-2015Systematic Dismantling of a Carefully Designed PCcarbeneP Pincer Ligand via C-C Bond Activations at an Iridium CentrePiers, Warren E.; Smith, Joel D.; Borau-Garcia, Javier; Spasyuk, Denis M.
16-Jun-2015Ring Expansion Reactions of Electron-Rich Boron-Containing HeterocyclesPiers, Warren E.; Araneda, Juan F.; Sgro, Michael J.; Parvez, Masood