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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
16-Aug-2007Pine Creek Geophysical DataBentley, Laurence; Hirsch, Markus
2006Permeability anisotropy and heterogeneity of a sandstone reservoir analogue: An estuarine to shoreface depositional system in the Virgelle Member, Milk River Formation, Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Southern AlbertaKrause, Federico F.; Meyer, R. O.
2006Waulsortian Lithofacies of the Mississippian Souris Valley Beds (Lodgepole Formation), Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Miller, Cody
2000Paleosol chronosequences and peritidal deposits of the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Yahatinda Formation, Wasootch Creek, Alberta, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Williams, C.
Mar-2004Paleozoic stromatactis and zebra carbonate mud-mounds: Global abundance and paleogeographic distributionKrause, Federico F.; Scotese, Christopher R.; Nieto, Carlos; Sayegh, Selim' G.; Hopkins, John C.; Meyer, Rudolf 0.
Dec-2001Genesis and geometry of the Meiklejohn Peak lime mud-mound, Bare Mountain Quadrangle, Nevada, USA: Ordovician limestone with submarine frost heave structures- a possible response to gas clathrate hydrate evolutionKrause, Federico F.
Apr-2009The elusive lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) beneath cratonsEaton, David W.; Darbyshire, Fiona; Evans, Rob L.; Grütter, Herman; Jones, Alan G.; Yuan, Xiaohui
13-Jun-2007Western Quebec seismic zone (Canada): Clustered, midcrustal seismicity along a Mesozoic hot spot trackMa, Shutian; Eaton, David W.
18-Oct-2007Calibrating infrasonic to seismic coupling using the Stardust sample return capsule shockwave: Implications for seismic observations of meteorsEdwards, Wayne N.; Eaton, David W.; McCausland, Philip J.; ReVelle, Douglas O.; Brown, Peter G.
31-Dec-2008Seismic observations of meteors: Coupling theory and observationsEdwards, Wayne N.; Eaton, David W.; Brown, Peter G.