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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2010Lithospheric architecture and tectonic evolution of the Hudson Bay regionEaton, David W.; Darbyshire, Fiona
2010Precise seismic-wave velocity atop Earth’s core: No evidence for outer-core stratificationAlexandrakis, Catherine; Eaton, David W.
Apr-2010How the crust meets the mantle: Lithoprobe perspectives on the Mohorovičić discontinuity and crust–mantle transitionCook, Frederick A.; White, Donald J.; Jones, Alan G.; Eaton, David W.; Hall, Jeremy; Clowes, Ronald M.
Apr-2009The elusive lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) beneath cratonsEaton, David W.; Darbyshire, Fiona; Evans, Rob L.; Grütter, Herman; Jones, Alan G.; Yuan, Xiaohui
13-Jun-2007Western Quebec seismic zone (Canada): Clustered, midcrustal seismicity along a Mesozoic hot spot trackMa, Shutian; Eaton, David W.
18-Oct-2007Calibrating infrasonic to seismic coupling using the Stardust sample return capsule shockwave: Implications for seismic observations of meteorsEdwards, Wayne N.; Eaton, David W.; McCausland, Philip J.; ReVelle, Douglas O.; Brown, Peter G.
1-Apr-2010Teleseismic studies of the Canadian landmass: Lithoprobe and its legacyBostock, Michael G.; Eaton, David W.; Snyder, D.B.
31-Dec-2008Seismic observations of meteors: Coupling theory and observationsEdwards, Wayne N.; Eaton, David W.; Brown, Peter G.
1-May-2010Enhancing base-metal exploration with seismic imagingEaton, David W.; Adam, Erick; Milkereit, Bernd; Salisbury, Matthew; Roberts, Brian; White, Don; Wright, James
7-Jun-1999Seismic-reflection and potential-field studies of the Vulcan structure, western Canada: A Paleoproterozoic Pyrenees?Eaton, David W.; Ross, Gerald M.; Clowes, Ronald M