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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
1990Rock-fluid interactions of carbonated brines in a sandstone reservoir: Pembina-Cardium, Alberta, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Sayegh, S. G.; Girard, M.; DeBree, C.
1995Reply--Biostratigraphic evaluation of a sequence bounding surface: The Cardinal/Leyland unconformity ("E5/T5 surface") in the Cardium Formation (Upper Cretaceous; upper Turonian - lower Coniacian) at Seebe, AlbertaKrause, Federico F.; Hall, R. L.; Joiner, S. D.; Deutsch, K. B.
2006Permeability anisotropy and heterogeneity of a sandstone reservoir analogue: An estuarine to shoreface depositional system in the Virgelle Member, Milk River Formation, Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Southern AlbertaKrause, Federico F.; Meyer, R. O.
1984Storm Event Sedimentation. Lithofacies Association in the Cardium Formation, Pembina Area, West-Central Alberta, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Nelson, D. A.
Jan-1979Submarine carbonate breccia beds-a depositional model for two-layer, sediment gravity flows from the Sekwi Formation (Lower Cambrian), Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Oldershaw, A. E.
2006Waulsortian Lithofacies of the Mississippian Souris Valley Beds (Lodgepole Formation), Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Miller, Cody
1998Unconformities within a progradational estuarine system: the Lower Campanian Virgelle Member, Millk River Formation, Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Meyer, R.; Braman, D.
1995Thinolite type pseudomorphs after ikaite: Indicators of coldwater on the subequatorial western margin of Lower Carboniferous North AmericaKrause, Federico F.; Brandley, R. T.
1990Dynamic casting and growth faulting: Dawson Creek Graben Complex Carboniferous-Permian Peace River Embayment, Western CanadaKrause, Federico F.; Barclay, J. E.; Campbell, R. I.; Utting, J.
1987Miscible displacement of crude oil by CO2/SO2 mixturesSayegh, S. G.; Krause, Federico F.; Fosti, J. E.