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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
28-Jul-2008Spatial and temporal expression of the 23 murine Prolactin/Placental Lactogen-related genes is not associated with their position in the locusSimmons, David G; Rawn, Saara; Davies, Alastair; Hughes, Martha; Cross, James C.
Aug-1992Interferons as Hormones of PregnancyRoberts, Michael R.; Cross, James C.; Leaman, Douglas W.
Apr-1998Reprogramming the Cell Cycle for Endoreduplication in Rodent Trophoblast CellsMacAuley, Alasdair; Cross, James C.; Werb, Zena
Sep-1997Activin Is a Local Regulator of Human Cytotrophoblast Cell DifferentiationCaniggia, Isabella; Lye, Stephen J.; Cross, James C.
Oct-1990The Production, Purification, and Bioactivity of Recombinant Bovine Trophoblast Protein-1 (Bovine Trophoblast Interferon)Klemann, Stephen W.; Li, Junzhi; Imakawa, Kazuhiko; Cross, James C.; Francis, Harriet; Roberts, Michael R.
Jul-2003Interferon-Stimulated Gene-15 (Isg15) Expression Is Up-Regulated in the Mouse Uterus in Response to the Implanting ConceptusAustin, Kathy J.; Bany, Brent M.; Belden, E. Lee; Rempel, Lea A.; Cross, James C.; Hansen, Thomas R.
Mar-2000Periodic Expression of the Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor p57Kip2 in Trophoblast Giant Cells Defines a G2-like Gap Phase of the EndocycleHattori, Naka; Davies, Tyler C.; Anson-Cartwright, Lynn; Cross, James C.
2002Transcription Factors Underlying the Development and Endocrine Functions of the PlacentaCross, James C.; Anson-Cartwright, Lynn; Scott, Ian C.
Apr-2009Prolactin Receptor Is Required for Normal Glucose Homeostasis and Modulation of β-Cell Mass during PregnancyHuang, Carol; Snider, Francis; Cross, James C.
Apr-1994Multiple Regulatory Elements Are Required to Direct Trophoblast Interferon Gene Expression in Choriocarcinoma Cells and TrophectodermLeaman, Douglas W.; Cross, James C.; Roberts, Michael R.