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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
Jul-2009Effects of Prednisone on Blood Lactate Concentrations in Healthy DogsBoysen, S. R.; Bozzetti, M.; Rose, L.; Dunn, M.; Pang, Daniel S. J.
Mar-2011Successful treatment of hyperkalaemic periodic paralysis in a horse during isoflurane anaesthesiaPang, Daniel S. J.; Panizzi, Luca; Paterson, Jessica M.
Jun-2007Partial pressure of end-tidal CO2 sampled via an intranasal catheter as a substitute for partial pressure of arterial CO2 in dogsPang, Daniel S. J.; Hethey, J.; Caulkett, N. A.; Duke, T.
2005Target-controlled infusion of propofol in dogs – evaluation of four targets for induction of anaesthesiaMusk, Gabrielle C.; Pang, Daniel S. J.; Beths, Thierry; Flaherty, Derek A.
2010Hemodynamic Effects of an Intravenous Infusion of Medetomidine at Six Different Dose Regimens in Isoflurane-Anesthetized DogsKaartinen, Johanna M.; Pang, Daniel S. J.; Moreau, Maxim; Vainio, Outi M.; Beaudry, Francis; del Castillo, Jérôme R. E.; Lamont, Leigh A.; Cuvelliez, Sophie G.; Troncy, Eric
2007Lactate in Veterinary Critical Care: Pathophysiology and ManagementPang, Daniel S. J.; Boysen, Søren
2005Sudden cardiac death associated with occult hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a dog under anesthesiaPang, Daniel S. J.; Rondenay, Yves; Hélie, Pierre; Cuvelliez, Sophie G.; Troncy, Eric
2006Increased Alveolar and Plasma Gelatinases Activity during Postpump Syndrome: Inhibition by Inhaled Nitric OxideHubert, Bernard; Troncy, Eric; Gauvin, Dominique; Taha, Rame; Pang, Daniel S. J.; Beauchamp, Guy; Radomski, Anna; Radomski, Marek W.; Blaise, Gilbert A.
2006The effects of two dosages of midazolam on short-duration anesthesia in the juvenile Harp seal (Phoca groenlandica)Pang, Daniel S. J.; Rondenay, Yves; Measures, Lena; Lair, Stéphane
20-Feb-2014Student Attainment of Proficiency in a Clinical Skill: The Assessment of Individual Learning CurvesCampbell, Robert D.; Hecker, Kent G.; Biau, David J.; Pang, Daniel S. J.