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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
Aug-2014Preventing Domestic Violence in LGBT CommunitiesLorenzetti, Liza; Wells, Lana; Callaghan, Tonya; Logie, Carmen; Koziey, Lynne
Jun-2012Domestic & Sexual Violence: A Background Paper on Primary Prevention Programs and FrameworksWells, Lana; Claussen, Caroline; Cooper, Merrill
Jan-2014Half the Equation - Why fathers are just as important as mothers in preventing domestic violence in the next generationWells, Lana; Cooper, Merrill; Dozois, Elizabeth; Koziey, Lynne
Jan-2013Surveying the Landscape: Sexual Violence Plans from Around the WorldWells, Lana; Claussen, Caroline; Aubrey, Danielle; Ofrim, Jenny
Jan-2016Resources for Teachers and Program Leaders from the Violence Prevention Program Calgary InitiativeWells, Lana; Claussen, Caroline; Abboud, Rida
Jun-2012Using the General Social Survey to Monitor Domestic Violence in Alberta: Considerations for the Government of AlbertaWells, Lana; Boodt, Casey; Claussen, Caroline
Jun-2011Domestic Violence in Ethno-Cultural Communities: Risk and Protective FactorsWells, Lana; Abboud, Rida; Claussen, Caroline
Jun-2012Home Visitation as a Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy: A Discussion Paper for the Government of AlbertaWells, Lana; Claussen, Caroline
Oct-2012Surveying the Landscape: Domestic Violence Plans from Around the WorldWells, Lana; Claussen, Caroline; Sandham, Sarah
29-Dec-2015Informing a Government of Alberta Action Plan to Engage Men and Boys to Stop Violence Against WomenWells, Lana; Dozois, Elizabeth; Exner-Cortens, Deinera; Cooper, Merrill; Esina, Elena; Froese, Ken; Boutillier, Sophia