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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
12-Jul-2011Designing User-, Hand-, and Handpart-Aware Tabletop Interactions with the TOUCHID ToolkitMarquardt, Nicolai; Kiemer, Johannes; Ledo, David; Boring, Sebastian; Greenberg, Saul
13-Jul-2011Informing the Design of Proxemic InteractionsMarquardt, Nicolai; Greenberg, Saul
23-Jan-2012SPALENDAR: Visualizing a Group’s Calendar Events over a Geographic Space on a Public DisplayChen, Xiang 'Anthony'; Boring, Sebastian; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Tang, Anthony; Greenberg, Saul
24-Jan-2013Designing the Car iWindow: Exploring Interaction through Vehicle Side WindowsLi, Jiannan; Sharlin, Ehud; Greenberg, Saul; Rounding, Mike
20-Apr-2012Gradual Engagement between Digital Devices as a Function of Proximity: From Awareness to Progressive Reveal to Information TransferMarquardt, Nicolai; Ballendat, Till; Boring, Sebastian; Greenberg, Saul; Hinckley, Ken
20-Apr-2012Seamless Mixed Reality Tracking in Tabletop Reservoir Engineering InteractionLapides, Paul; Sultanum, Nicole; Sharlin, Ehud; Costa Sousa, Mario
12-Mar-2014Is Anyone Looking? Mitigating Shoulder Surfing on Public Displays through Awareness and ProtectionBrudy, Frederik; Ledo, David; Greenberg, Saul; Butz, Andreas
9-Jul-2010What Caused that Touch? Expressive Interaction with a Surface through Fiduciary-Tagged GlovesMarquardt, Nicolai; Kiemer, Johannes; Greenberg, Saul
26-Sep-2011The HAPTIC TOUCH Toolkit: Enabling Exploration of Haptic InteractionsLedo, David; Nacenta, Miguel A.; Marquardt, Nicolai; Boring, Sebastian; Greenberg, Saul