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Authors: Colijn, A.W.
Ariel, P.D.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1988
Abstract: A study is made of the suitability of the continuous systems simulation language CSSL-IV on the Cyber 205. In an earlier paper by the authors, models characterized by parabolic and hyperbolic partial differential equations were simulated using CSSL-IV. In the present paper, the model of Faraday generator, which can be described by means of a pair of elliptical partial differential equations in velocity and induced magnetic field, is simulated. The equal velocity and current lines contours have been obtained for values of Hartmann numbers up to 20. No acceptable solutions could be obtained for larger values of Hartmann numbers. In an attempt to explain the source of inaccuracy, a mathematical analysis of the solution of Poisson's equation, using CSSL-IV, has been presented. It is demonstrated that a decrease in the value of the descretization interval size actually leads to exponentially growing solutions. This fact, somewhat, limits the suitability of CSSL-IV on the Cyber 205 for the simulation of models characterized by elliptical partial differential equations.
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Colijn, Anton

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