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Title: Communicating Sequential Prolog
Authors: Li, Xining
Unger, Brian W
Cleary, John
Lomow, Greg
West, Darrin
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1988
Abstract: Communicating Sequential Prolog (CSP') is a single-solution distributed logic programming language for discrete event simulation. Its primary goal is to speed up the execution of logic programs through the use of parallelism, while as far as possible preserving the semantics of standard Prolog. A CSP' program consists of a set of parallel processes, synchronized by simulation time and by message passing. The underlying interprocess communication mechanism is Time Warp. The pertinent features of parallel logic programming and Time Warp are described. The syntax of CSP' is introduced and the semantics of new predicates and their control structures are discussed. Examples are given to show the expressive power and simplicity of CSP'.
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Cleary, John

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