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The Calgary Institute for the Humanities (CIH) was established as a university-level research institute at the University of Calgary in 1976. The Institute is responsible to the Vice-President Research and International, and it fosters advanced study in a range of subjects reflecting its multi-disciplinary, and multi-faculty orientation.

The Humanities Institute at the University of Calgary supports research in the traditional humanities disciplines such as languages, literature, and philosophy, as well as in philosophical and historical aspects of the social sciences, sciences, arts and professional studies. The humanities are not conceived as a specific group of academic disciplines but include all forms of study that examine what is human – typically guided by literature, history, social and physical settings, artifact, visual and performing arts.

In addition to its role at the University of Calgary, CIH encourages humanistic study outside of the university, and dialogue between the academic community and the general public. Programs of the Institute include fellowship appointments, independent research initiatives by University of Calgary faculty, strategic research projects, and community partnerships.


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