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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2016Development of a Thermal Wellbore Simulator with Focus on Improving Heat Loss Calculations for SAGD Steam InjectionChen, Zhangxing (John); Xiong, Wanqiang; Bahonar, Mehdi; Dong, Chao
Aug-2016Preconditioned GMRES solver on multiple GPU architectureChen, Zhangxing (John); Yang, B.; Liu, Hui
Jan-2016Equation of state for methane in nanoporous material at supercritical temperature over a wide range of pressuresChen, Zhangxing (John); Wu, K.; Li, X.; Dong, X.
2015Capillary forces between two parallel plates connected by a liquid bridgeChen, Zhangxing (John); Dejam, M.; Hassanzadeh, H.
May-2015Effects of fracture geometries on well production in hydraulic fractured tight oil reservoirsChen, Zhangxing (John); Lin, M.; Chen, S.; Ding, W.; Xu, J.
Feb-2015Dynamics of viscous liquid bridges inside microchannels subject to external oscillatory flowsChen, Zhangxing (John); Ahmadlouydarab, M.; Azaiez, J.
27-Aug-2015Application and experimental study of cyclic foam stimulationChen, Zhangxing (John); Zhang, J.; Wu, X.; Han, G.; Wang, J.; Ren, Z.; Zhang, K.
Apr-2015A pseudo-bubble point model and its simulation for foamy oil in porous mediaChen, Zhangxing (John); Sun, J.; Wang, R.; Wu, X.
2015Stability of fluorosurfactant absorption on mineral surface for water removal in tight gas reservoirsChen, Zhangxing (John); You, L.; Zhang, W.; Kang, Y.; Liu, X.
2016First-order decoupled method of the three-dimensional primitive equations of the oceanChen, Zhangxing (John); He, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, H.