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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
22-Mar-2011Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus adhesion to human umbilical vein endothelial cells demonstrates wall shear stress dependent behaviourViegas, Kayla D.; Dol, Sharul S.; Salek, M. Mehdi; Shepherd, Robert D.; Martinuzzi, Robert M.; Rinker, Kristina D.
2-Jan-2012Microarchitecture, but Not Bone Mechanical Properties, Is Rescued with Growth Hormone Treatment in a Mouse Model of Growth Hormone DeficiencyKristensen, Erika; Hallgrímsson, Benedikt; Morck, Douglas W.; Boyd, Steven K.
30-Mar-2015Visco-hyperelastic constitutive modeling of soft tissues based on short and long-term internal variablesAhsanizadeh, Sahand; Li, LePing
2013Modeling the Initial Flame Acceleration in an Obstructed Channel using Large Eddy SimulationJohansen, Craig; Ciccarelli, Gaby
2010Numerical simulations of the flow field ahead of an accelerating flame in an obstructed channelJohansen, Craig; Ciccarelli, Gaby
Feb-2015Performance evaluation of an overdriven LED for high-speed schlieren imagingWilson, Steven; Gustafson, Garrett; Lincoln, Daniel; Murari, Kartik; Johansen, Craig
2013Nitric oxide chemistry effects in hypersonic boundary layersArisman, Chris; Johansen, Craig; Galuppo, Wagner; McPhail, Allison
2015Application of simplified numerical and analytical methods for rapid analysis in atmospheric entry vehicle designHinman, William; Johansen, Craig; Wilson, Steven
2013Dense particle cloud dispersion by a shock waveKellenberger, Mark; Johansen, Craig; Ciccarelli, Gaby; Zhang, Fann
2015Computational fluid dynamics study of optimized hypersonic leading edge geometriesHinman, William; Schmitt, Simon; Johansen, Craig; Rodi, Patrick