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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
23-Apr-2014A bifactor model of the Posttraumatic Growth InventoryKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Kovács, Éva; Balog, Piroska
2015Is flourishing good for the heart?: relationships between positive psychology characteristics and cardiorespiratory healthKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Tarnoki, Adam D; Tarnoki, David L; Garami, Zsolt; Berczi, Viktor; Horvath, Ildiko
22-Jan-2015Natural course of behavioral addictions: a 5-year longitudinal studyKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Woodin, Erica M; Hodgins, David C; Williams, Robert J
9-Sep-2014Psychometric Properties of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale Form C in a Non-Western CultureKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Rafael, Beatrix; Rohánszky, Magda
28-Feb-2014When eating healthy is not healthy: orthorexia nervosa and its measurement with the ORTO-15 in HungaryVarga, Márta; Konkoly-Thege, Barna; Dukay-Szabó, Szilvia; Túry, Ferenc; van Furth, Eric F
23-Sep-2013How to Decrease Suicide Rates in Both Genders? An Effectiveness Study of a Community-Based Intervention (EAAD)Székely, András; Konkoly-Thege, Barna; Mergl, Roland; Birkás, Emma; Rózsa, Sándor; Purebl, György; Hegerl, Ulrich
22-Feb-2013Four-year prospective evaluation of the relationship between meaning in life and smoking statusKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Urbán, Róbert; Kopp, Mária S
13-Jun-2014Substance-related and behavioural addiction problems: Two surveys of Canadian adultsKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Colman, Ian; El-guebaly, Nady; Hodgins, David C; Patten, Scott B; Schopflocher, Don; Wolfe, Jody; Wild, T Cameron
30-Oct-2013The ‘light drugs’ of gambling? Non-problematic gambling activities of pathological gamblersKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Hodgins, David C
1-Nov-2014Social judgments of behavioral versus substance-related addictions: A population-based studyKonkoly-Thege, Barna; Colman, Ian; el-Guebaly, Nady; Hodgins, David C; Patten, Scott B; Schopflocher, Don; Wolfe, Jody; Wild, T Cameron