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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2013Testing the robustness and performance of spatially consistent interfacesScarr, Joey; Cockburn, Andy; Gutwin, Carl; Malacria, Sylvain
2010A Comparison of Techniques for In-place ToolbarsDoucette, Andre; Gutwin, Carl; Mandryk, Regan L.
2010Comparing awareness and distraction between desktop and peripheral-vision displaysReynolds, Lindsay; Birnholtz, Jeremy; Luxenberg, Eli; Gutwin, Carl; Mustafa, Maryam
2010Gone but not forgotten: designing for disconnection in synchronous groupwareGutwin, Carl; Graham, T.C. Nicholas; Wolfe, Chris; Wong, Nelson; de Alwis, Brian
Mar-2012Understanding performance in touch selections: Tap, drag and radial pointing drag with finger, stylus and mouseCockburn, Andy; Ahlstrom, David; Gutwin, Carl
2013Sometimes when we touch: how arm embodiments change reaching and collaboration on digital tablesDoucette, Andre; Gutwin, Carl; Mandryk, Regan L.; Nacenta, Miguel; Sharma, Sunny
2013The effects of tactile feedback and movement alteration on interaction and awareness with digital embodimentsDoucette, Andre; Mandryk, Regan L.; Gutwin, Carl; Nacenta, Miguel; Pavlovych, Andriy
2013Analysis and comparison of target assistance techniques for relative ray-cast pointingBateman, Scott; Mandryk, Regan L.; Gutwin, Carl; Xiao, Robert
2011Ubiquitous cursor: a comparison of direct and indirect pointing feedback in multi-display environmentsXiao, Robert; Nacenta, Miguel A.; Mandryk, Regan L.; Cockburn, Andy; Gutwin, Carl
2010Awareness beyond the desktop: exploring attention and distraction with a projected peripheral-vision displayBirnholtz, Jeremy; Reynolds, Lindsay; Luxenberg, Eli; Gutwin, Carl; Mustafa, Maryam