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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
2010A Comparison of Techniques for In-place ToolbarsDoucette, Andre; Gutwin, Carl; Mandryk, Regan L.
2010PiNiZoRo: a GPS-based exercise game for familiesStanley, Kevin G.; Livingston, Ian; Bandurka, Alan; Kapiszka, Robert; Mandryk, Regan L.
2013Sometimes when we touch: how arm embodiments change reaching and collaboration on digital tablesDoucette, Andre; Gutwin, Carl; Mandryk, Regan L.; Nacenta, Miguel; Sharma, Sunny
2013The effects of tactile feedback and movement alteration on interaction and awareness with digital embodimentsDoucette, Andre; Mandryk, Regan L.; Gutwin, Carl; Nacenta, Miguel; Pavlovych, Andriy
2013Analysis and comparison of target assistance techniques for relative ray-cast pointingBateman, Scott; Mandryk, Regan L.; Gutwin, Carl; Xiao, Robert
2011Ubiquitous cursor: a comparison of direct and indirect pointing feedback in multi-display environmentsXiao, Robert; Nacenta, Miguel A.; Mandryk, Regan L.; Cockburn, Andy; Gutwin, Carl
2011Effects of view, input device, and track width on video game drivingBateman, Scott; Doucette, Andre; Xiao, Robert; Gutwin, Carl; Mandryk, Regan L.; Cockburn, Andy
2011Influencing Experience: The Effects of Reading Game Reviews on Player ExperienceLivingston, Ian J.; Nacke, Lennart E.; Mandryk, Regan L.
2011GrabApple: The Design of a Casual ExergameGao, Yue; Mandryk, Regan L.
2013Games as neurofeedback training for children with FASDMandryk, Regan L.; Dielschneider, Shane; Kalyn, Michael R.; Bertram, Christopher P.; Gaetz, Michael; Doucette, Andre; Taylor, Brett A.; Orr, Alison Pritchard; Keiver, Kathy