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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
Dec-2000Pathological gambling : the biopsychological variables and their management: Interim report, November 10, 2000el-Guebaly, Nady; Hodgins, David C.
Jun-2003Psychophysiological and Subjective Arousal during Gambling in Pathological and Non-Pathological Video Lottery GamblersDiskin, Katherine M.; Hodgins, David C.
Apr-2005Development of the Temptations for Gambling Questionnaire: A Measure of Temptation in Recently Quit GamblersHolub, Alice; Hodgins, David C.
Nov-2004Self-efficacy in Pathological Gambling Treatment Outcome: Development of a Gambling Abstinence Self-efficacy Scale (GASS)Hodgins, David C.; Peden, Nicole; Makarchuk, Karyn
Nov-2003Psychophysiological and Subjective Responses of a Community Sample of Video Lottery Gamblers in Gambling Venues and Laboratory SituationsDiskin, Katherine M.; Hodgins, David C.; Skitch, Steven A.
Sep-2005The association between comorbidity and outcome in pathological gambling: A prospective follow-up of recent quitters.Hodgins, David C.; Peden, Nicole; Cassidy, Erin
Jul-2006Risk Factors for Suicide Ideation and Attempts Among Pathological GamblersHodgins, David C.; Mansley, Chrystal; Thygesen, Kylie
5-Nov-2004Factors Influencing the Development of Responsible Gambling: A Prospective Study (Update November 5th, 2004)el-Guebaly, Nady; Hodgins, David C.; Smith, Garry J.; Williams, Robert J.; Williams, Vickii; Schopflocher, Don P.; Wood, Robert T.; Pickup, Mark
14-Apr-2014Controversial Topics in Gambling: Alberta Gambling Research Institute's 13th Annual ConferenceAitchison, Katherine J.; Castellani, Brian; Chapman, Craig S.; Christensen, Darren R.; Crawford, Sandy; Currie, Cheryl; Downs, Carolyn; Euston, David; Forrest, David; Goodyear, Bradley G.; Gruber, Aaron; Hanson, William; Hodgins, David C.; Scholnick, Barry; Schopflocher, Don; Schrans, Tracy; Simpson, Rob; Singhal, Anthony; Spetch, Marcia L.; Smith, Garry; Suomi, Aino; Walker, Gordon; Williams, Robert
11-Apr-2013Research to Practice in Gambling Disorders: Alberta Gambling Research Institute's 12th Annual ConferenceBlanco, Carlos; Bowden-Jones, Henrietta; Cunningham, John; Dowling, Nicki; Glynn, Judith; Hing, Nerilee; Hodgins, David C.; Humphrey, Chuck; Ledgerwood, David M.; Neighbors, Clayton; Stewart, Sherry H.; Williams, Robert; Wohl, Michael J. A.; Volberg, Rachel A.